Plugin ABRP Telemetry


This Jeedom plugin abrptelemetry allows to transmit the values of one (or more) electric vehicles to the ABRP system.


You will need a vehicle key. To get the key you’ll need to:


After downloading the plugin, go to its configuration page and activate it.

plugin activation

You are now ready to create your vehicle.

Vehicle configuration

Access to the vehicle configuration is possible via the plugin menu.

Click on add and give your vehicle a name. You will be redirected to the vehicle file. You will find the usual Jeedom options as well as the vehicle’s own configuration.

Configuration voiture

Start by activating this object by checking the enabled box.

Enter in Vehicle key the vehicle key provided by abrp in the prerequisites. Then select the type of vehicle from the list of existing models.

All the remaining fields must be completed with the values provided to you by your vehicle.

Options du véhicule

It is also possible to call functions or use logical operators.

Exemple fast changing

Empty fields will not be transmitted to ABRP.

Save your information.

Data transmission

Each object has a single command to send vehicle data to ABRP. It is possible to trigger it manually or via a scenario.

To do this, create a scenario in triggered mode and add define the property modifications that will launch the scenario.

déclencheurs scénario

In the scenario tab, add an action that triggers the sending of values.

A synchronization is now in place, with each change of the values that you indicated in the triggers, the specified values will be sent to ABRP.